Portable Tactile Meter Type 33


This tester was designed to evaluate and quantify measure the friction of materials in contact with skin. Tactile feeling, which had been difficult to quantify so far, can now be measured. A unique XYZ motion/pressure system can detect normal load (Z axis) as well as the lateral forces in the X and Y axes to quantify the friction data of a human digit pressed against, and in motion with, the device. Simply place the test material on the platform and trace the object with your finger. As you press and move your finger, the coefficient of friction is displayed. The Type 33 provides an excellent resource for evaluating the smoothness of cosmetics on skin.

Developed in cooperation with SHISEIDO.


  • Simple operation
  • Three axis system displays measurements that were previously difficult to quantify
  • Optional probe can be used for measuring the resistance of skin with and without cosmetics and other samples that cannot be placed on the platform


  1. Development of cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals and apparel.

Portable Tactile Meter Type 33


Please download product specification here.Portable Tactile Meter Type 33


– Portable Friction Meter Type 94i-II

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