Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes(MWCNT)

CNT is known as having excellent electrical
conductivity, thermal conductivity, strength, and thermal stability.  Demand for Li-ion Battery as positive
electrode conductive additives has been increasing and CNT is also being used
in applications such as tire treads and antistatic resins.

Kumho’s CNT have a highly oriented bundle structure
and have been used by major battery manufacturers and tire manufacturers
globally. Multiple grades of CNT are available depending on required property
and each application, and we also have various types of rubber and resin
compound and masterbatches.

Kumho Petrochemical with one of the world’s largest
synthetic rubber manufacturing capacities was established in 1970 and
developing their business in several fields including synthetic resins,
specialty chemicals, nanocarbons, energy, and building materials.

Major application with Kumho’s CNT

– Li-ion Battery as positive electrode conductive additives for automotive

– Tire treads

– Electronic Parts Trays

– Conductive coating

– Electro-Magnetic Interference(EMI) Shielding Composite

– Conductive resin/rubber


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