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Sanyo Corporation of America is the US subsidiary of Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd, an International Trading Company with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in raw materials and additives for the chemical and rubber industries, as well as plastic film for the printing and solar industries. Furthermore, we have a portfolio of scientific and laboratory instruments. Our offices in Detroit and Huntsville handle automotive parts. We provide value to our customers through expertise, fast response and reliability, and fully utilize our international network to find the best solution. Based on this, we enjoy long-standing relationships with customers, suppliers and local dealers.
Sanyo Corporation of America has been serving the US market for more than 60 years. What can we do for you today?


Company Name Sanyo Corporation of America (100% subsidiary of Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.)
Establishment January, 1961
Capital $2,500,000
Employees 18
Annual Sales $109,168,510 (2020.10 – 2021.09)
500 FIFTH AVENUE Suite 3620
NEW YORK, N.Y. 10110, U.S.A.
TEL 1-212-221-7890
FAX 1-212-221-7828

Lake Pointe Office Center
26200 Town Center Drive, Suite 180,
Novi, MI 48375, U.S.A.
TEL 1-734-591-7257
FAX 1-734-591-7406

7027 Old Madison Pike, NW Suite 108
Huntsville, AL 35806, U.S.A.

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Milestones from our history

1954 Established as Representative office of Sanyo Trading (Japan) in lower Manhattan, close to the location where the World Trade Center was built later.
1961 Reorganized as U.S. subsidiary company and named Sanyo Corporation of America.
1966 Started import of Dimethylformamide (a high boiling point solvent for artificial leather), from Japan.
1978 Start of development work on automotive upholstery leather with Garden State Tanning. Later, this development work led to large scale business with the Japanese automotive industry. Now, GST Auto Leather is located in Michigan and one of our most important suppliers.
1980 We started importing Toyobo Nylon Film for balloon and Food packaging applications. This became one of the major products in the 1980’s and 90’s.In the same year, we started export of PTFE wax, made by Shamrock Technologies, to Japan. This product is used as an additive for inks and coatings.
1981 Sales agency agreement with Foxboro Corporation for infra red spectrometers and ferrography instrument. Thanks to this business, our Scientific Instrument Department was organized in Sanyo Trading in Tokyo.
1982 Our company began importing the super absorbent polymer “Aqua Keep E manufactured by Sumitomo Seika.
1984 SCOA established a sales subsidiary, named Advanced Web Products, in order to reinforce our plastic film business.
1987 First supply of GST made leather to TOYOTA. (Implemented for Toyota Camry.)
1987 In the mid-80’s, Japanese rubber manufactures increasingly founded subsidiaries in the US. In accordance with this, our rubber sales started in 1987. Business with Kinyo Virginia Incorporated, a worldwide manufacturer of offset printing blankets, started.
1988 GST leather was implemented by TOYOTA for its LEXUS brand. Today, the majority of the leather you find in LEXUS cars, is supplied through our company.
1989 Import of Thermal Transfer Ribbon of Dai Nippon Printing started and was applied for barcode label application by our customers in the US.
1999 Our Detroit Branch opened in 1999 as independent Automotive Parts Division.
2010 50th anniversary event
2013 Sanyo Trading Co.,Ltd was listed on First section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2021 Established a new office at Huntsville, Alabama

Our Network

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Cosmos Shoji Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)

Sanyo Machinery Co., Ltd. (Atsugi, Japan)

Sanyo Technos Co., Ltd. (Saitama, Japan)

Sanyo Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)

Sanyo-Touchi (Shanghai) Rubber Co., Ltd. (China)

Sanyo Trading International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (China)

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