Spherical Alumina


MICRON’s spherical fine alumina particles are implemented in various applications because of their high sphericity (as a result, high flowability and high packing density), as well as because of their high thermal conductivity, heat resistance and hardness.


  • High sphericity
  • Alpha-alumina crystal
  • Various particle sizes ranging from 1 to 80 micrometer (average)


  1. Filler for resins / thermal conductive sheets etc.
  2. Placing sand for ceramic sintering
  3. Blasting media
  4. Spacer

MICRON Co., Ltd. (Japan) is the pioneer in the development of manufacturing technology of spherical fine particles by using the Flame Spraying Method on a commercial base. Micron also has a high reputation as a supplier of spherical silica fillers for IC package materials to the semi-conductor market for a long time.

Download product specification here.Spherical Alumina

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