Odor Control Agent



Shu-Cleanse KD series is a chemical absorption type deodorant. It has a great effect on various bad odors in a living environment. It can absorb gases from bad odor and hardly release them. Shu-Clease is nontoxic, non-hazardous and absolutely safe to use. ( Characteristics of Shu-Cleanse )

  • White Powder. It remains white color after absorbing gases from bad odor.
  • Once it absorbs gases from bad odor, it hardly releases the gases.
  • It has heat, water and washing resistance. Therefore, it can be used for various applications such like mixing into resin, fabrics, nonwoven fabric and film.
  • The washing with water can regenerate the deodorant performance ( only KD-211 ) .


  • KD-211 : Good effect on four main bad smell gases : Hydrogensulfide, Ammonia, Methylmercaptan, Trimethylamine.
  • KD-311 : Especially, good effect on Aldehyde such like Acetaldehyde and Formaldehyde.

Please download product specification here.Odor Control Agent

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