Water based Ink for Textile Screen Printing


Sanyo Corporation of America offer environmentally friendly water based ink binder made by Shin-Nakamura Chemical for machine & manual textile screen printing application. TSK-660 and 680 are developed especially for machine textile screen printing application. These inks have a great soft hand, good screenalibity, non-blocking and fast drying to meet your customer’s demand. These products do not contain nonyl phenol derivatives.

WHITE PASTE TSK-660 – White Water based Ink

This paste imparts a good feel hand, good bright white and good opacity.


NK COUPER TSK-680 – Transparent water based ink.

This can be mixed with other water based binders and pigments to make your favorite color.

Please download product specification here.water based ink for textile screen printing

For more information, please contact the Chemical Department at scoa_chemical@sanyocorp.com