Zinc stearate

Formulation: Zn(C17H35COO)2

Physical appearance: White powder
Melting point: 1200 C ± 50 C

Fineness: 1% Max. (residue on 200 mesh)
Zn++ content: 11.2% ± 0.5% (ZnO equivalent 14%)

Ash content: 14% ± 1%

Moisture: 1% Max.

Free fatty acid: 1% Max.

Solubility: Insoluble water, alcohol and ether. Slightly soluble in benzene. Soluble in hot chloridized hydrocarbon.

Application: Dispersant pigment and filler in masterbatches. Heat stabilizer and UV absorber in PVC; Color stabilizer and processing aid in other plastic resins; Release agent and peptizer in rubbers; Flatting and sanding agent in lacquers, coatings and inks; And other application in construction, pharmaceutics … Packing: Carton box. Net weight: 20 kg/carton. Kraft paper bag with PE inner bag. Net weight: 15 kg/bag. Shelf life: 2 years since manufacturing date.

Storage: Original bag in dry and cool conditions.

Safety: Refer more information in MSDS.

Country of Origin: Vietnam

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