Phthalo Pigment PHTALOCYNINE Blue & Green


These pigments, made by RAMDEV CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES in India, are successfully implemented in various countries. They have a high reputation with global ink manufacturers. We offer this product to the North and South American markets at very competitive prices.


  • Alpha Blue Pigment – 15:0
  • Alpha Blue Pigment – 15:1
  • Beta Blue Pigment – 15:3
  • Beta Blue Pigment – 15:4
  • Pigment Green – 7


  • successfully implemented in various countries
  • high reputation with global ink manufacturers
  • competitive prices through direct import from India
  • heat stable and good dispersibility


  1. Ink: Sheet-fed, Heat Set, Newspaper , UV, Screen, Gravure, Flexo
  2. Paint: Air drying, Automotive paints, Industrial paints, etc.
  3. Plastic: LDPE, HDPE, PVC, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, etc.
  4. Textile: Water based Ink for textile Screen Printing

Download product specification here.Phthalo Pigment PHTALOCYNINE Blue & Green

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