Crisper® – White Polyester Film


Crisper® is a white opaque biaxially oriented polyester film. This film has numerous voids and is top-coated to promote adhesion to most printing inks and industrial coatings. Various thicknesses are available from 1.5mil to 10mil. This film can be used for various printing Processes, like Flexo, Gravure, Screen Letterpress and offset, TTR and LBP etc..

Available Thickness Range

  • From 1.5mil to 10mil.

Computer Imprintable

  • Thermal Transfer Printable ( TTR )
  • Laser Beam Printing ( LBP )

Excellent Adhesion to inks and industrial coatings
Crisper® offers excellent adhesion properties to the following inks and industrial coatings.

  • UV Cure Inks
  • Solvent Inks
  • Synthetic Paper type Inks
  • Screen Inks
  • Water-based Flexo Inks
  • Pencil writable

Numerous voids
Due to the numerous voids, the specific gravity of Crisper® is 1.1g/cm3 while that of regular polyester film is normally 1.4g/cm3, which enables Crisper® to offer the following advantage:

  1. Better Yield
    Crisper® offers better yield advantage than regular white Pet Film.
    Please click here for the yield chart of Crisper®.
    Please Click here for the yield of Crisper®Crisper
  2. Longer service life of Die Cutting Blade
    Due to the numerous voids, Crisper® offers longer service life of Die Cutting Blade than regular white Pet film.
  3. Cushioned Property
    Crisper® provides cushioning property.
  4. Low Dielectric Loss ( Optimal for RFID application )
    Crisper® offers the low dielectric loss, which makes it optimal for RFID application. For RFID application, this property allows for a wider useful range without enlarging the antenna. Due to the low dielectric loss of Crisper®, there will be much fewer errors in reading the chip.

Crisper® is a suitable material for the following applications.

  1. Label
  2. Tag
  3. Card
  4. Graphic Art
  5. Business Form
  6. RFID ( ID card, Smart Card, RFID tag )

Please Click here for the Opacity of Crisper®Crisper
Please Click here for the comparison chart with White PP and PET for Crisper®Crisper

Note 1 : We strongly recommend that a trial run be carried out and the careful evaluation be done for a specific application before commercial use.
Note 2 : Crisper® is the trademark by Toyobo Co., Ltd. in Japan.

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