HEIDON Friction and Wear Testers


Reliable evaluation of surface properties of materials. Continuous and Variable Load tests

Developed and made by SHINTO Scientific Co., Ltd. in Japan, the TRIBOGEAR series represents a product line for various friction and wear testers. TRIBOGEAR is a term created by SHINTO and is combined from the words “tribology Eand “gear E
While we only list up a few of the devices, there are many more in the General Catalog.

Heidon Tribogear devices are implemented in labs and plants throughout Japan. We have listed up some concrete applications.applications

This line of products is handled by our distributor Compass Instruments, Inc. (IL).


Please download product specification here.HEIDON


– Portable Friction Meter Type 94i-II

– Portable Tactile Meter Type 33

– Variable Normal Load Friction and Wear Measurement System HHS2000/HHS3000


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